Working from home meets not working from home. This is pub working…

In the current economic and business climate, working from home has left us all desperate for a change of scene. Pubs and restaurants are increasingly trying to find ways to create a more sustainable way of doing business. Book a space to work in a pub or restaurant and work from home away from home.

How it works

Are you fed up of working from home? Looking at the same four walls day in day out? Pubs and restaurants have flexible space available, particularly at the moment. This could be a table with a plug socket nearby where you can bring your laptop and work for the day; or a function room that can be adapted into a safe, socially distanced meeting room. Pub Working allows them to register their available COVID-19 safe spaces so that people or businesses like you, looking for somewhere to work or have a meeting, can book with ease and confidence. That’s Pub Working, why not give it a try?

How it works for Pubs and Restaurants

Simply register your business and follow the easy process of getting set up, with your spaces’ info, photos, and availability. You also set the booking deposit to be paid through Pub Working; this ensures bookings are honoured and can also function as credit towards food and drinks for your Pub Working customers. This has the benefit of both bringing in more clientele and increasing revenue from your core business; and providing the perception of atmosphere, within the establishment, thus encouraging further business.