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Pub Working is an online marketplace for accessing spaces in pubs, such as private dining rooms, separate floors and bars for meetings, presentations, hot-desks and flexible offices during underused times. Pubs and restaurants have space, often unused space.

Pub Working enables pubs and restaurants to make their underused space available to corporates, start-ups and workers to use when they don’t have appropriate or sufficient space themselves…effectively putting their underused space to work and providing work space on-tap.a

A Pub Working space can be any private room, separate floor or quiet area that a Pub or Restaurant (see below) makes available for work/business related purposes. Spaces are generally classified according to its possible Space Uses and the relevant Space Type.

The Space Use can be range from a meeting, a presentation, hot-desking, or flexible office use.

The Space Type refers to the nature of a specific space, for example a private dining room, a quiet alcove, or a separate floor..

A Pub Working space can only be one Space Type, but the Space can have a number of different Uses.

Availability is when a specific Pub Working space can be Booked by businesses. It is determined and managed by the Space Provider. If a Space is indicated as “Instant Booking”, then it is available for the date and time required, but a Space that indicate “Request to Book” may not definately be available and will require the Space Provider to confirm the booking request.

A Pub Working Space Provider is any pub, bar, restaurant, cafe, etc. that makes a a suitable space available for booking on the marketplace. The Space Provider is paid for the use of the space and is also responsible to ensure that the space is available and in the published usable condition.

A Space Consumer is a person or business that books a space for work purposes through the Pub Working. The consumer is responsible for paying for the use of the space, either through or directly to the Space Provider, as well as for the appropriate and professional use of a space.

You can use Pub Working anonymously search for available spaces. You however are required to register a Pub Working user account to be able to add your spaces as a Space Provider, or to Book a space as a Space Consumer. You have the option to register and login as a user using your email address and password, or through Facebook, Twitter or Google. As a user, you should only have one Pub Working account. The same account should be used for you functioning as a Space Consumer and a Space Provider.

You need to be logged into your Pub Working user account to add or edit a Space, Book a space, or save it to your Favourite Spaces, to view your booking history and account information, and to use the Pub Working messaging service between Space Consumers and Space Providers.

You can contact Pub Working either through the webform on the “Contact Us” page or you can email us on [email protected] We will send you an email confirmation of all communication received (please make sure emails from Pub Working doesn’t get stuck in your Spam box).

Pub Working endeavours to respond to all messages within 48 hours, but will have quicker response times for certain complaints received through the Contact Us web form.

When viewing a space listing, Social networks’ sharing icons are visible on the right below the buttons for “Add to Favourites” and “Contact Owner”. Simply click the icon of the Social network you want to share the Space with.

It is free to have a Pub Working account (for Space Consumers and Space Providers), to search for spaces, or to save a favourite spaces.

There are however costs incurred; Space Consumers are required to pay for the use of a space (at Booking or at the time of use), and Space Providers either incur a per-booking fee, or fees to list a space.

Space Providers can list/publish their spaces for FREE and have it appear in Pub Working search results if they select for the Space to be “Pay-per-Booking”.

Pub Working process all payments through the services of Stripe ( Stripe is fully PCI compliant and your credit card and Stripe account information is not shared with Pub Working.

Pub Working must charge Value Added Tax (VAT) to all our fees in countries were VAT is applicable on digital service transactions. VAT at the current % rate is charged in addition to fees charged to a Space Provider on Space Listing subscriptions and transaction processing fees. VAT will be clearly indicated on invoices that are issued to Space Providers on a monthly basis.

Space Providers are responsible for any VAT or sales taxes, and this is not added to the price indicated for a Space. Space Providers are required to indicate the price for Booking a Space inclusive of any sales associated taxes for their location. Since the transaction is between the Space Provider and the Space Consumer with providing the marketplace, the Space Provider will be responsible for providing Space Consumers with the necessary Invoices (including indicating VAT, Sales or any additional taxes and charges).

For Space Consumers

You can search for space availability either on a daily or hourly basis.

On the Pub Working home page under “Find a work space on-tap” you can select either “Per Day” or “Per Hour” and then in both cases type the city/town you need a space in, the date you need the space and the number of people it needs to accommodate.

Alternatively, you can do a quick search based on the required Space Uses by clicking one of the uses (Meet/Present/Hot-desk/Office Flex) following “I need Space to:” This is located in the middle at the top of the home page. The results from this quick Use based search results will default to your detected location.

The search will provide you with results of spaces available in your desired location, capacity and date/time availability. You can filter these results by indicating your preferred Space Type (for example, Private Dining Room, Private Bar, Separate Floor, etc.), the required facilities and booking method (Instant Booking or Request to Book).

Note that only spaces indicated as Instant Booking are guaranteed to be available, with all others dependant on the Space Provider confirming a Booking Request.

Simply click on the heart icon in the right bottom corner of a Space in search results, or click “Add to Favourites” when viewing a Space. You will need to be logged in enable a Space to be saved as a Favourite against your account. Your Favourite Spaces will be saved to your account and you can see the list of Spaces in your account dashboard.

There are two ways to book a space, Immediate Bookings or Request to Book. How you book a space depends on the how the relevant Space Provider operates. Note, your Space Booking is directly with the Space Provider and Pub Working operates purely as the online marketplace.

  1. Immediate Booking – Spaces that are immediately bookable will be clearly indicated. These spaces’ availability is guaranteed by the relevant Space Provider. You are able to limit your search for spaces that are immediately bookable. Booking an Immediate Booking Space requires you, the Space Consumer, to pay for the Space Booking at the time of booking. The booking will be immediately confirmed.
  2. Request to Book (Default Booking) – Space providers may require that booking a Space is confirmed by them to ensure availability. It will be clearly indicated on the Space’s page that you need to “Request to Book”. The Space Provider is required to confirm or decline your Booking Request within 24hours (as per Pub Working T&Cs). You will receive a notification regarding the Booking Request either confirming the booking or to advise that the Space is not available. You will be directed to the relevant checkout page if the payments for the relevant Space is processed through Pub Working, alternatively it will be clearly indicated if you need to pay the Space Provider directly at the time of using the Space.

Space Providers are required to maintain the up-to-date availability of a space on Pub Working. In some instances, a space may unfortunately be indicated as available on Pub Working while it may not actually be and its availability has just not been updated on Pub Working. We provide Space Providers with a simple integration tool (iCalendar) that will synchronise availability of a space on Pub Working and the Space Provider’s own diary/calendar software.

Space Consumers are required to pay for the use of a space, either through or directly to the Space Provider at the time of using the space. The mode of payment is dependent on how the Space Provider operates, as well as if the Space is Immediately Bookable. The cost of your Space Booking is clearly indicated prior to confirming your Space Booking.

You will be need to pay for the Space Booking at the time of Booking for “Immediate Booking” spaces, as well as when the Booking Request is confirmed for spaces that process payments through Your Space Booking confirmation will clearly indicate if you need to pay the Space Provider directly or through

All Booking payments through Pub Working is secure and processed through the highest level PCI compliant services of Stripe (

A Space Provider may select for booking payments to be made directly to them at the time of the Space use. This is only applicable to some “Request to Book” Bookings and will be clearly indicated in your Booking Confirmation communications.

Yes, you can, but any cancellation will be subject to the Pub Working T&Cs, as well as the Space Provider’s indicated Cancellation Policy. You may incur costs for cancelling a Booking.

A Space Consumer can only review a Pub Working space after they have used a specific space that they have Booked. You will have the opportunity to write a review of a Pub Working space by going to your Booking History/My Reservations in your account dashboard and selecting the relevant space you want to review.

For Pub Working Space Providers

You are required to be a registered user and logged in on Pub Working to add a space. As a new or un-logged-in Pub Working user you can simply click on the “Add a Space” button at the top right corner of the site. This will prompt you to register or to login. When you are logged-in, simply click on your account indicator (top right of every page) and then click “Add new Space”. You can also do this when you view your account dashboard.

Completing the profile of your Pub Working space is easy through our guided set-up process. As part of registering as a Pub Working Space Provider you need to:

  1. select if the you want to pay for the Pub Working service as a commission Paid-per-Booking, or a monthly or annual listing subscription
  2. select if you require Pub Working to process Booking payments

For each Pub Working Space you need to:

  1. indicate the type of space and possible uses
  2. add a description of the space
  3. indicate the space’s capacity (number or people)
  4. indicate the space’s address
  5. set the space’s daily and hourly pricing (this should include any relevant local sales taxes), and/or alternative costs for using your Pub Working Space, such as minimum spend or per person/delegate price
  6. indicate the space’s availability.

We recommend that you also upload photos, add links to videos, indicate the Pub Working Space’s facilities. This all enables Space Consumers to find a suitable space.

A Pub Working Space’s availability can be both by the hour or day. Space Providers are required to maintain the up-to-date availability of a space as published on You can update your space’s the availability by selecting your space and adjusting the availability through the calendar interface. All Bookings for your space through Pub Working will automatically have updated in the space’s availability.

If you set your space as “Immediate Booking”, it is required that the space’s availability is guaranteed up-to-date to ensure that it is definitely immediately bookable without sending you a booking request.

As per the Pub Working T&Cs it is required that all spaces’ availability is correct, but we appreciate that when a space is set to “Request to Book” that in some instances it may unfortunately be indicated as available on while it may not actually be and its availability has just not been updated on

Pub Working uses iCalendar ( to enable synchronisation of your Pub Working Space’s calendar and your own calendar service for the space. It is easy to set-up iCalendar based synchronisation. For each of your spaces the relevant space’s dedicated Pub Working calendar iCalendar link/URL is provided on the space’s “Availability page (in adding or editing a space). A field is also provided for you to add your space’s iCalendar link/URL from your own calendar service. To ensure that Pub Working is updated with availability from your own calendar (from Outlook, Gmail or other calendar systems), you need to insert the relevant iCalendar link on the Manage Availability page and click Save.

To set-up the use of iCalendar feeds and to get the link from your own calendar depends on the calendar service you use to manage your Spaces’ availability (Google Mail, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Office 365/Outlook Web, etc.).

Subscribing to Pub Working’s calendar feed from your space is fairly consistent across major services.

You will also need to “share” your space’s calendar from your own service. Rest assured, this is a Read-only feed interpreted only as available or unavailable for a specific period.

To get your Space’s iCalendar sharing link/URL from your own calendar service varies between services. Below are links to the support pages for the major calendar service providers, Google Mail, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Office 365 & Outlook Web Access.

For other calendar services, you should go to your “Sharing” settings and select to get the iCalender or shared published calendar link.

The calendars will synchronise when you click “Save” and then do so automatically every 3 hours. The calendars will synchronise every time you click “Save” on your Space’s Availability page.



Export your Apple iCloud Calendar for your Space

Publish your Space’s calendar – To make a calendar viewable by

  1. Choose Edit > Share Calendar
  2. Enter the names of people from your contacts list or email addresses that you want to share this calendar with.
  3. If you want anyone to be able to subscribe to your calendar from the Internet, select the option for Public Calendar.
  4. A URL is provided that you can send to others so that they can see the calendar. Click the share button next to the URL to send it directly to a recipient using the built-in sharing options in OS X.

Tip: Any calendar application that is compatible with the iCalendar standard can subscribe to your calendar using this URL.

Subscribe to other calendars

You can use Calendar app to subscribe to your Space’s calendar on

  1. Choose File > New Calendar Subscription…
  2. Enter your Space’s provided calendar web link (URL) and then click Subscribe.

The calendar you subscribed to appears in your Calendars pop-up list under the heading “Subscriptions.” To make changes to the calendar – such as the color of its events, or the name that appears in the calendar list – select the calendar in the calendars list, and then choose Edit > Get Info.





Sharing your Space’s calendar in your own Google Calendar service.

Get the Calendar Address for your public calendar. After you’ve shared your calendar, share the Calendar Address so that people can view your calendar in a web browser, Google Calendar, or another application.

  1. On a computer, open Google Calendar.
  2. In the top right, click Settings  > Settings.
  3. Open the Calendars tab.
  4. Click the name of the calendar you want to share.
  5. In the Calendar Address section, click ICAL or HTML. Learn more in the “About the Calendar Address” section above.
  6. A window with your calendar’s public web address will appear. Copy this link to share your calendar.

Subscribe to your Space’s iCalendar feed:

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. In the left column, click on the Add link in the Other Calendars section.
  3. From the menu select Add by URL.
  4. Enter the feed URL in the dialog box then click Add Calendar.
  5. Click Add calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side under “Other calendars.”

Note: It might take up to 12 hours for changes to show in your Google Calendar.

There are two service fee models for Space Providers, 1) Commission Pay-per-Booking, or 2) paying for listing (publishing) your Pub Working Space on a monthly or annual subscription basis on

The fees are:

  • Pay-per-Booking. Listing your space and inclusion in all search results is free and there are no up-front listing subscription costs, but a fee of 10% of the total Booking Transaction Value (inclusive of VAT in markets where applicable), plus a 3% payment processing fee. This option requires that payments for the Space Booking is processed through using Stripe Connect and is limited to Pub Working Spaces with Immediate Booking. The relevant fee percentage is deducted from transaction payment to the Space Provider. The Space Provider will therefore be paid 87% of the Booking transaction value. A minimum charge of £1.5/US$2/€2 per booking applies.
  • Pay for a Space Listing (at point of “publishing” your Pub Working Space for inclusion in searches) on has two options –  1) only list the space, or 2) to list the space and for Booking payments to be processed through
    1. Space listing only. Booking payments are NOT processed through Pub Working’s fees are: £25/US$30/€30 per month, or £250/US$300/€300 per year subscription (inclusive of VAT in markets where applicable). This is for the Space listing only with NO option for Immediate Booking through, therefore all Bookings will be “Request to Book” with you, the Space Provider having to confirm the Booking . In this option all payments for bookings are paid directly to the Space Provider.
    2. Listing + Payments processed through Booking payments are only processed through Pub Working’s fees are: £25/US$30/€30 per month, or £250/US$300/€300 per year subscription (inclusive of VAT in markets where applicable), PLUS a payment processing fee equal to 3% of the Booking transaction value (inclusive of VAT in markets where applicable). This is for the Space listing and enables the option for Immediate Booking through The subscription fee is paid upfront on a monthly or annual bases, and the payment processing fee is deducted from the payment to Space provider for each booking. The Space Provider will therefore be paid 97% of the Booking transaction value. A minimum payment processing fee of £0.5/US$0.5/€0.5 applies.

Pub Working process all payments through the services of Stripe (

If a Space Provider selects for a Space’s Booking payments to be processed through Pub Working(required for Paid-per-Booking Spaces and List + Payment Processing options) they are required to create a Stripe Connect account to enable the processing of payments to them. Setting up a Stripe Connect account is easy and is clearly indicated when a Provider selects their payment model.



Pub Working must charge Value Added Tax (VAT) to all our fees in countries were VAT is applicable on digital service transactions. VAT at the current % rate is charged in addition to fees charged to a Space Provider on Space Listing subscriptions and transaction processing fees. VAT will be clearly indicated on invoices.

Spaces are either “Instant Booking” or “Request to Book”. You are responsible for maintaining an up-to-date availability for your Spaces to ensure that Space Consumers can find and book your spaces.

Spaces set as “Instant Booking” will automatically update the availability of your space for the date/time the Space Consumer searched for when they process and pay for the Booking. You, as the Space Provider, will receive a notification of the Instant Booking via email.

Spaces that are set “Request to Book” will require the Space Consumer to submit a Booking Request. You will receive a notification via email requesting you to confirm or decline the Booking Request. You are required to either confirm or decline the Booking Request within 24 hours of the Booking Request submission (as per Pub Working T&Cs). You need to log in to your Pub Working account to view the Booking Requests in your account dashboard and from there confirm or decline the individual Booking Requests. A Booking Confirmation notification will be emailed to you and the Space Consumer if the Booking Requests was confirmed. The Pub Working Space will automatically be set to unavailable for the relevant date/time of the Booking (both when you confirm or decline a Booking Request). Space Consumers are required to pay for “Request to Book” Spaces within24 hours following the receipt of the Booking Request Confirmation for Spaces where payments are processed through Pub Working.

All forthcoming Bookings are viable in your Pub Working account dashboard.

You may Cancel a Booking, but this will be subject to the Pub Working T&Cs and may incur cancellation costs.

As the Space Provider, you can either have payments for Bookings processed through, or have payment made directly to you at the time of using your space. You, the Space Provider selects this  for all your Pub Working Spaces by choosing your preferred Pub Working payment model, either:

  • Pay-Per-Booking and List + Payments Processing requires payments for Space Bookings to be processed through
  • “List” only requires payment directly at the Space Provider at time of the space use.

Note, all “Instant Booking” Spaces require payment to be processed through

For spaces where payment for Bookings are processed through, the Space Consumer will pay at the time of booking with the payment to the Space Provider processed at the time of booked Space Use (less the applicable Pub Working’s fees).

Pub Working may offer Space Providers the opportunity to enhance the exposure of their space to stimulate increased bookings. This promotion of a Pub Working Space (on either the home page, in search results, or recommended as alternatives to a space being viewed) is on a competitive Paid for Promotion basis determined on market demand relevant to the Space Location and Space Use. The Paid Promotion of a space is on a cost per week of exposure (on Home Page targeted at Space Consumer location), Cost per View (above relevant Search results), Cost per Click (where a Promoted Space is suggested as an alternative to the space viewed. Please contact us on [email protected] to enquire about promoting your Pub Working Space.